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Privacy Policy

NP GREEN Corporation Privacy Policy

NP GREEN Corporation has a clear objective to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to customers, employees, and other relevant individuals. The focus is on ensuring the highest level of trust and security of data in accordance with relevant laws and regulations both domestically and internationally.

  1. Data Collection:

    • The company will collect only necessary and business-related data, such as personal information of customers, for communication and customer service purposes. Data collection will comply with relevant laws and customer consent.

  2. Data Usage:

    • The collected data will be used for clearly defined and lawful purposes, such as service provision, communication, or product and service improvement.

  3. Data Disclosure:

    • Personal data will not be disclosed to or shared with external parties without the consent of the data owner, except when required by law or necessary for compliance with terms or service requirements.

  4. Data Security:

    • The company has stringent measures to ensure the security of data, preventing unauthorized access or improper use of data.

  5. Data Retention:

    • Personal data will be retained only as necessary for the specified purposes and will be destroyed or rendered unusable when no longer needed for retention.

  6. Legal Compliance:

    • The company will comply with relevant laws regarding the protection of privacy and confidentiality of data, including compliance with regulations and standards.

  7. Training and Auditing:

    • The company will provide training for employees to understand and adhere to the privacy policy rigorously, and there will be regular auditing and policy updates to align with changes in laws and standards.

This privacy policy is effective from the date of enforcement and may be amended or modified as necessary. Additional information regarding the privacy policy can be requested from the Human Resources department of NP GREEN Corporation or through other appropriate channels as designated by the company.

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