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We offer disposal and destruction services for merchandises, inventories and all kind of confidential documents.

Transportation service is available to pick up at customer facility at reasonable price. 

All processes are in accordance with revenue department’s regulation. Certified ISO 27001 


Free! Certificate of Destruction


For more information call: (+66) 085-151-9678

Email :
LINE ID: @npgreen

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Call Now: 085-151-9678

3 Easy Steps to Get Quotation

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Take photo of your merchandises
ส่งข้อมูลสินค้าที่จะทำลาย 2.png
Send photos, information (size and quantity, weight) and pick up address to
Quotation will be sent via email and we will call back for more information

Destruction Video Reference

Destroy all kinds of materials : plastic, metal, paper, uniform, bag, shoes etc. with suitable method such as compressed , cut, shredded. 


All merchandises will be destroyed and transformed into un-reusable shape. 


Guarantee the safety of product and confidential information.


Inspection from audit / revenue department are welcome.

Destroy with High-Tech Machine

All kind of merchandises and

document are completely 

destroyed, fast and 100% 

guarantee the safety of product 

and confidential information

No car to deliver? We can help

Customer who has no car to 

deliver documents. We have 

transportation (pickup car or 6 

wheeled truck) and staffing service 

available for you at  the best price

Free! Certificate of Destruction

For important documents related 

to revenue/tax bureau , client 

confidential information etc. We 

offer Certificate of Destruction in 

Thai or English for free. You can 

ensure the accuracy of process and 


Inquiry call: 085-151-9678 

Email :

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